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Our Government Contract Consultation Packages are Tailored for:

Small Businesses

For small business and start-ups, navigating the immense opportunities in government contracts can be intimidating. Compass Strategy Solutions will analyze your company’s capacities and provide the roadmap forward, no matter the starting point.

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Established Government Contractors

For companies who have worked with the government before, we can help fine-tune or re-launch your government contract division.

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We also offer a portfolio of contract services to the federal, state, and local governments. These services are in line with decades of experience of our corporate principles.

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With a Clear Vision of the Government Marketplace

We'll Chart the Course


Relationships are sometimes built in a moment, and sometimes over a lifetime. We have lasting relationships based on respect and integrity within various circles of our clients and customers. Based on our deep understanding of government contracting needs, we can evaluate individual opportunities through the eyes of the government customer and with the keen experience of a government contractor.


Strategy is a plotted path on the map of the future of a business. Being strategic is at a core of our company, developing strategy our most essential ability, plotting a course, our deepest value. We can assist you in charting your own organizational path by evaluating your abilities, opportunities, partners you need to make you better, and clients to whom you deliver value.


The best strategy can be scuttled with poor execution. The execution stage is the defining element in contract performance. The execution phase determines whether the strategy was only an empty theory or a well executed vision based on experience. There is no substitute for experience. Ours will exponentiate yours.

Effective, accurate, timely, successful


We are effective in identifying relevant contract opportunities, matching of abilities and performances to opportunities, evaluation of competition, selecting of the right teammate(s); opportunity capture process; proposal support , evaluation for compliance with RFP requirements and development of winning strategies, award preparations, contract kick-off, matrices on contract compliance and performances after a successful win.

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